“Spectra Group” is one of the leading and top ranking Group of Companies in the Country. It started rolling with the inception of “Reza Construction” as a proprietorship firm in 1981, and later incorporated as a Private Limited Company in 1989 as Reza Construction Limited (RCL). Its' primary concentration was in infrastructural development in Bangladesh. Recently, the company name has been changed to Spectra Engineers Limited (SEL). In ten years after starting in 1981, RCL became a leading construction company in Bangladesh by 1990. In 1991, the scope of work was expanded by having a separate Hospital Engineering Division that later became “Spectra International Limited” in 1994, and established a Military Division focusing on Defense service related technology in 1998. Significant business diversification happened in 2000 by setting up the “Spectra Convention Centre”. This international standard specialized hospitality venue; the first such venture by local private sector, provides facilities for private and official meetings and functions of the highest standards. Pioneered by Spectra Engineers Limited (SEL) and subsequent business growth in other sectors led to the “Spectra Group” comprising of Spectra International Limited (1994), Spectra Convention Centre Limited (2000), Spectra Properties Limited and Spectra Fisheries Limited (2005), Spectra Hexa Feeds Ltd. and Spectra Poultry Limited in 2006. Spectra Oxygen Limited in 2007, Sunypun Organics Limited in 2008 and Palm View Restaurant & Green Point Cafe at Golf Garden in 2011. Spectra Marine Limited (2012) and Spectra- Hexa Namsai Ltd is the latest venture of the Group.
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